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Bit by a Fox Podcast

Jan 11, 2018

It’s the debut of the Bit by a Fox Podcast! Host Prairie Rose welcomes us into this spirited world, gives us a peek into her boozy background, and explains what Bit by a Fox really means. We’ll always end on a cocktail recipe, and for this inaugural show we feature the OG of cocktails, the much-debated Old Fashioned.

This Week’s Recipe:
Old Fashioned - served in an old fashioned rocks glass
2 oz rye or bourbon 
Angostura bitters 
1 sugar cube or teaspoon of loose sugar orrrr ¼ oz of simple syrup 
club soda 
Place the sugar cube in your rocks glass and add 3-4 dashes of bitters and a splash of club soda. Then you’ll need to muddle all this, just make sure you crush the sugar well enough to assimilate into the liquids. Add a large ice cube or a couple smaller ones. Then pour in about 2 oz whiskey. You can give that a good old stir to make sure everything gets mixed properly and cooled down a bit. And then you can garnish with an orange peel, a lemon peel, or if you’re old school, an orange wheel and cherry.