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Bit by a Fox Podcast

Apr 6, 2018

For this week's Bit by a Fox Podcast, I spoke with journalist, award-winning wine blogger, photographer, Masters of Wine candidate, and newly appointed Travel Editor for Wine Enthusiast, Lauren Mowery. Over bubbly, we discussed her exciting new role, she gave us some great travel tips, what regions she's most looking forward to visiting this next year, and which wines should be on our radar. I love Lauren's relatable  approach to wine, her insatiable curiosity about the world, and never-ending wanderlust. It was so great to have her on for this episode and to get a chance to celebrate her enviable new job! 
This week's recipe:
Sauternes Aperitif - served in a rocks glass with ice
5-6 oz chilled Sauternes (sweet wine)
garnish: Orange Peel 
Pour chilled Sauternes over ice, twist the orange over the glass and drop into the drink. Enjoy!
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Lauren's blog: Chasing the Vine
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