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Bit by a Fox Podcast

The Bit by a Fox Podcast is all about booze. Each week, host Prairie Rose, founder of the award winning spirits and cocktail blog Bit by a Fox, will talk cocktails, drinking culture, imbibing through history, and what’s trending today in the world of intoxicants. She’ll talk to the personalities behind the booze, experts in their field, and supercool people who are fun to drank with. They’ll chat about the trends, how we got here, and the ultimate cocktail party fodder - the hidden stories behind the booze. Follow the Bit by a Fox blog for updates, recipes and show news. And @bitbyafox on Instagram for behind the scenes. Hosted by Prairie Rose. Produced and engineered by Anna Tivell. Music from Human Worldwide.

May 29, 2020

There's no question climate change is affecting so much of our world's agriculture. The wine industry has been on the front lines of this for decades. Fighting climate change and adapting to our warming planet has been a priority for the growers and producers in Champagne, France for the last 20 years. Their high level of quality and distinct style depends on them staying ahead of the curve. The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) - the organization that represents Champagne production - has been leading the way in sustainability efforts for much of the world. Thibaut Le Mailloux, the CIVC's Communications Director, sat down with my from his home in France, to discuss life during quarantine, how wine growers are adapting to climate change, and the aggressive sustainability plans in place for the Champagne region.
This week's featured cocktail is the classic Champagne Cocktail: 
Champagne Cocktail
Brut Champagne
3-4 dashes Aromatic Bitters
Garnish: Lemon Twist 
Place the sugar cube in a chilled champagne coupe. Dash the cube with bitters and top with bubbly. Garnish with a lemon twist.
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